A Rad, Colorful Condo Part 3: The Living Room

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A Rad, Colorful Condo Part 3: The Living Room

Living Room Design Philosophy

“Just live in your house.”

Robin shared the story about working with Robe and Kris on The Rad, Colorful Condo, and adamantly believes this about every project she works on: in the interior design industry, often clients insist that they are going to have different habits in their new space–they’re going to live differently. The reality is, you’re going to want to live in your home the way that comes naturally to you.

One of Robin’s theories is that you deserve to live comfortably in your home.

This could mean just admitting that you like eating in your living room. Or that you simply hate using coasters. And if that be the case, maybe a pristine wood table isn’t for you. And that’s okay! Because you deserve to live in your home.

rug in rad colorful condo

Individualized Design Solutions

For Robe and Kris in The Rad, Colorful Condo that meant designing for the unique joys in their lives, like their two dogs, Momo and Bebe. The custom rug, by Flor, is made of recycled content from nylon fishing nets.

If one of the squares gets damaged you can remove that particular section and clean it. If it doesn’t come clean, you can send it back for recycling and order a new one. A perfect option if you or your guests are exuberant while drinking wine or have senior dogs. Flor’s carpet squares can make living in your home easier.

Another element of the Rad, Colorful Condo that was designed to fit the owner’s needs is the seating area. Robe is a tall man, and Robin wanted him to be able to nap on his sofa, which means customizing the sofa to be long and wide enough for someone to lie down on—but not so huge they wouldn’t ever be able to move it.

The room is set up for conversation and to admire the view. This means the chairs are easy to move around when guests come over, and the room works naturally for entertaining.

Complementary Design Pieces

The ottoman and chairs are beautiful jewel tones that are accented with textiles that Robe and Kris have picked up in their travels to South America. In The Kitchen Design Challenge, we talked about how one of the clients’ goals was to feature these textiles in their home.

The chairs are complemented by the unique tables from Caracola and Charleston Forge and light fixtures from Ridgley Studios in Toronto, Canada. Each piece is funky and interesting, but doesn’t take the eye away from the room as a whole. In a way, every piece in this room is art in its own right.

Design Philosophy Based on You

Robin believes that trends are great, but if you design for the people, to what matters to them, the end result will always be timeless and relevant. She is inspired to design for people who like to take care of their family and friends, and who love to live in their homes.

December 22nd, 2017|RRF Design in Progress|