rainbow faucets

In honor of National Find a Rainbow Day, April 3rd, we at RRF Design would like to reflect on the color trends we found earlier this year at KBIS and hope to see appearing in kitchen and baths this year.  We saw the rainbows exuberant colors all over the KBIS showroom in fixtures, appliances, on walls and in countertops and backsplashes.

rainbow sinks elkay

We love the refreshing pop of color Elkay gives the “workhorse of the kitchen”-the sink.  We’re thinking now just how we can work one of these sinks into a powder room we’re designing. http://www.elkay.com/kbis-2017


rainbow outdoor hestan

With all the rain and snow this year in Portland, we are dreaming of preparing dinner on this fun outdoor orange BBQ while basking next to it when the sun appears while drinking a lovely chilled Pinot Gris. Hestan was a highlight at the outdoor kitchen area at KBIS. http://outdoor.hestan.com/

rainbow smeg

Smeg has perfected COLOR both on big and small appliances.  Don’t you think this cheerful yellow hood and range would be an amazing visual in a kitchen? http://www.smeg.com/news/smeg-cookers-in-the-colours-of-portofino/

rainbow villeroy boch

Villeroy and Boch took their Vessels sinks to another level adding Green (and more colors) cheer to the outside of their new line of vessels sinks.



rainbow lacorneu

On to blue, La Cornue has a certain je ne sais quoi when it comes to using color. The lovely and classic pop of color on these ranges is incredible and makes a statement in any kitchen they are in. http://www.lacornueusa.com/gallery


rainbow toto

Who new Blue could be such a useful color?  Totos Neorest Toilet will be the cleanest toilet in the neighborhood. And it’s a great night light too. http://www.totousa.com/toto-neorest-suite-transforming-bathroom-and-you


rainbow cambria


Finally to violet, Cambria has elegantly used this color in their Princeton Quartz.  It was an amazing display at KBIS that exemplified class and proved that using a dab of color is always a part of good design. https://www.cambriausa.com/Designs/photos-and-videos/#.js-match

So, Happy National Find a Rainbow Day!  It’s Portland and Spring is here, undoubtedly today or tomorrow there will be a rainbow somewhere out there.  We challenge you to find your rainbow outside or inside a room of your home.

 There are people that see rainbows as an artistic masterpiece in the sky, to others it is a sign of hope and to many a sign of promise. 

It can be all three; beauty, hope, and promise. 

rainbow conclusion