Condo Restoration part 1

Condo Restoration part 1

Having the opportunity to work with a previous client is always wonderful and working with a previous client who is also a friend is an added bonus. We recently wrapped up condo renovation (sans the bathrooms) for Ellen.

To say that her condo was “white” was an understatement. It was bright glossy white from ceiling to the white carpet and tile. The best part was that it was a blank slate! This project began as “Come over and pick out paint”, to “I am not going to move any of our furniture to the new place” to “what would you do with the kitchen?” to “how can we divide up this space?” Design IS an organic process!

Our previous project together embraced the English Tudor style of her Council Crest home. This time, we had the opportunity to explore other styles. We discussed: “French”, “Parisian”, “New Orleans”, “Italianate” and landed on Chicago Craftsman. Our inspiration came from the progressive architecture of Purcell and Elmslie.


William Gray Purcell and George Grant Elmslie
Living room of Purcell-Cutts House
Minneapolis, Minn. 1913


Stewart Memorial Presbyterian Church, Minneapolis, MN

The condo is long, from the dining room to the family room, it measures 70′ and was one long room. The previous owner had “attempted” some ceiling details, but fell short in the attempt. Our goal was to create 3 separate rooms – dining room, living room and family room.


The “bowling alley”. View from the dining room to the family room.

Using “Penultimate” we sketched an idea for our room divider:

Room divider

Sketch using Penultimate

We created bookcases that opened into the new “entry” (photos of that to come later) and added crown moulding around the new “living room”. The floor throughout the public space of the condo is a glue down cork (we added an accent boarder in the Family Room)

Robin Fisher 389A0446c

Custom Room dividers, cork floor, and added crown molding in the living room looking into the new “Family Room”

Robin Fisher 389A0471c

Detail of Room Divider

Robin Rigby Fisher Design

We added a direct vent fireplace, Quartersawn oak mantle with Tile Restoration Tile (using original Batchelder tile molds), new cabinetry, oak floors and new furniture by Castellano’s