From “Tired” to Inspired

I love working with previous clients, and working with friends is even more fun. Such was the case with our Purcell and Elmslie inspired Condo renovation. The original owner was not into color – the entire condo (all 3000 […]


When a small home is made even smaller by a cluster of rooms, the logical design solution is to remove walls. Luckily none were load-bearing. Only one window was sacrificed in the merging of the entry, living room, dining […]

Mid-Century Modern Meets the 21st Century

Unused space in a home is a design faux pas. It drives me crazy! The original kitchen was cramped, and sandwiched between the dining room and a too small “breakfast nook”. Reducing the width of the window in the […]

Compact Luxury

Luxury comes in all sizes. The original master bath was cramped, the closet was too small, and the bedroom was too large. Taking some space from the bedroom, eliminating the second sink, and adding a closet organizing system, we […]

Tubs in a Master Bath?

Studies have found that only 1 in 10 take a bath on a monthly basis and only 1 in 15 actually use a bath tub weekly. So, if you or your partner don’t take baths, and there is a […]

City Country Living

When you love your location and neighbors, many times it is more financially beneficial to add on. For our client and their family, adding on to an existing small farm house in SW Portland was the best decision. We […]

Inspiration: Trinity College – of course!

The inspiration for this project was grandiose, the library at Trinity College in Scotland. Our client worked on his PhD in the 18th century library. The challenge was to incorporate the feel and magnificence of the library into a […]

Do you really need the formal dining room?

Many formal dining rooms go unused for most of the year, resulting is a loss of useable square footage in the home. This was the case with our client. The formal dining room was too narrow for comfort and […]