Find a Rainbow in Your Home – Happy National Find a Rainbow Day

In honor of National Find a Rainbow Day, April 3rd, we at RRF Design would like to reflect on the color trends we found earlier this year at KBIS and hope to see appearing in kitchen and baths this year.  We saw the rainbows exuberant colors all over the KBIS showroom in fixtures, appliances, […]

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Tips for Saving Water in your Home

Today is World Water Day and is a great time for us to focus on some of the best ways to save money and the planet at the same time.

Tips for saving water in your home:

Start with the simple things – Quick fixes to your water use such as turning off the tap […]

Something About Mary


Please join me in congratulating Mary Culbertson on becoming an Associate Kitchen and Bath Designer (AKBD).   This achievement involved hard work, study, and lots of spicy food (mostly Thai).

Mary joined me just over a year ago and is ridiculously talented.  She has a fantastic eye for design and our clients have been benefiting from […]

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Surviving Your Kitchen Remodel

Living without a kitchen during a renovation project can be stressful.  There are options:  use this time as an opportunity to explore all the restaurants, food carts, and take out places in your neighborhood. Since this isn’t practical for all your meals, I’m sharing the top five tips from several clients who have successfully survived […]

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Holiday Cookies

I married into a large extended family.  Sam’s mom had only boys and created a tradition of Christmas cookie baking with her nieces. This yearly tradition has expanded to include cousins, their children and now partners.  This year we will have over 21 bakers. Each of us bring the ingredients to bake our own […]

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Thanksgiving Menu

Designing kitchens is especially fun for me since I love spending time in them.  Cooking a holiday meal is like a design project for me–the coordination of dishes and presentation helps make the meal special.

Thanksgiving is a major event in my family.  Typically, we’ll have up to 17 family and friends seated around our […]

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The Joys of a Convection Steam Oven (or A Tale of Two Ovens)

I was designing a kitchen remodel for a client who really wanted two ovens, but wasn’t sure she should proceed if the second oven only saw occasional holiday use.  I suggested a convection steam oven as a way to gain a second oven for special meals, while providing increased healthy cooking options for everyday […]

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Banquettes are Back

You may remember seeing banquettes in the kitchens of older homes – maybe even your grandmother’s house. They fell out of fashion for a time, but are now making a comeback. Clients find this to be a great way to fit dining seating into a small kitchen area, or to add or expand an […]

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Designing for Pets, Part II: Defend Your Décor!

Eclectic Entry by Other Metro Photographers Louise Lakier

In Designing for Pets, Part I, I showed some examples of how people are customizing their kitchens to accommodate pets. But what about the rest of the house?

According to the Humane Society, 164 million (or 62%) of American households have pets. While you know that your house […]

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Designing for Pets, Part I: Making Your Pets Feel at Home

Our pets are members of our families, and we want them to have cozy accommodations in our homes . . . but without overrunning the house! According to a 2014 survey conducted by the National Kitchen and Bath Association (NKBA), it is becoming common for people to provide special features for their pets when […]

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