Sherwin-Williams Announces New Colour Palette for 2015

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Sherwin-Williams Announces New Colour Palette for 2015

I always get excited when paint companies declare the “new” colours for the coming season.  Sometimes I am shocked (emerald green???) but mostly I am pleased and energized. Recently, Sherwin-Williams released their new palettes for 2015.  Let’s see which stick!

Four new collections are being introduced:  Unrestrained, Buoyant, Voyage and Chrysalis

UNRESTRAINED: Celebrating a carefree spirit, and influenced by the Bohemian lifestyle, this palette features bright saturated primary colours accentuated by black and white.

BUOYANT:  Nature is featured in this palette.  Influenced by societies incorporation of green spaces in urban environments and the healing powers of botanicals, this palette features light and deep greens, violets and pops of coral.

VOYAGE:  Sci-fi and the undersea world are featured in the Voyage palette.  Teals, watery blues, deep space purple and bright green kelp are the hues that look to the future.

CHRYSALIS:  Our need for calm and balance is found in the Chrysalis palette.  Colours include:  off-black, chalky neutrals and dusty blues help to create a calming retreat in our homes.  Geometric shapes are deconstructed and layered to evoke a softer environment.

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