Temporary Kitchen During Remodel (courtesy of danksandhoney.com)

Temporary Kitchen During Remodel (courtesy of danksandhoney.com)

Living without a kitchen during a renovation project can be stressful.  There are options:  use this time as an opportunity to explore all the restaurants, food carts, and take out places in your neighborhood. Since this isn’t practical for all your meals, I’m sharing the top five tips from several clients who have successfully survived their kitchen remodels:

  1. Set up a camp kitchen: Pick a place that has running water and some counter or table space. A bathroom, laundry room, or garage could work well.  You’ll definitely want room for a portable microwave and your coffee maker or hot pot!
  2. Ask your friendly contractors to move your current refrigerator into that space (or someplace close by). Don’t get rid of the old fridge until after the remodel!  Alternatively, have your new fridge delivered early and start using it in the temporary location.
  3. It’s astonishing how many dishes you can prepare using electric countertop appliances. Think crockpot, rice cooker, electric wok or fry pan, microwave, panini grill, etc.
  4. An outdoor barbecue grill can also be a great way to cook or reheat food.
  5. My favorite tip is to plan ahead. Cook large batches of your favorite foods and vacuum seal meal-sized portions for your family.  Microwave a frozen packet for a home cooked meal that requires minimal clean up.

And just for fun, the following comes from one of my clients:

Five Signs Your Kitchen Remodel Must be Nearly Finished

  1. You now know how each contractor takes his morning coffee.
  2. The clerk at the local take out joint thanks you for your business.
  3. Your memories of living in your first studio apartment are much clearer now.
  4. Your designer is on speed dial.
  5. Washing dishes in the bathtub seems normal.
you know your project has gone on long enough when you are comfortable washing dishes in your bathtub

washing dishes in your bathtub