Cambria Trip! Style Makers 2014

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Cambria Trip! Style Makers 2014

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Last week I had the opportunity to be part of an amazing group of designers.  Cambria USA – the quartz company, invited me and 17 other designers from across the US and Canada to take part in their Style Makers Summit.  First of all, this was an honor to be included.  Cambria brings together designers to help them enhance their product.  They want to know what we – the designer – is seeing in the industry.  The designers who were involved were from both the residential and commercial side.  This was great, but the best part was how incredibly cool the designers and the staff of Cambria were.


I have been at many of these events in the past and NEVER have I been with so many designers who had NO attitude or ego (trust me, this is an INCREDIBLY rare event!).  We shared so many business ideas and everyone learned, whether they ran their business from their home or had multiple showrooms.  When we left, it was sad for all of us.

Thank you so much to Cambria USA for hosting this and for inviting me to take part is such a rare and wonderful event.


Oh yea, we learned lots about the product, ate incredibly well and enjoyed a Minnesota Twins Game – but more on Cambria Later!