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What Is It Like to Work With Robin Rigby Fisher Design?

Meet the Client Carrie and her husband built their family home to raise their three daughters with the intention of staying well into retirement. Although the house was custom designed, the kitchen was not a major focus. Carrie is a holiday-hosting professional and with three adult daughters and grandchildren as assistants, they needed something better [...]

Rose City Renovation Part 2: Design Solutions

If you haven’t, check out our first post about the Rose City Renovation, here. The Rose City Renovation used to be a run on sentence, but now it has punctuation. There is space to stop and take in the design. It isn’t overcrowded, and it has an incredible use of bold color and unique furniture [...]

Rose City Renovation Part 1: Design Challenge

The Rose City Renovation project began as a run on sentence. There was no punctuation, no space left to see any one design element in particular. Wooden cabinets were everywhere and it was just a bit too “blah”. The prominent colors were brown and white. But the family who lives in the Rose City kitchen [...]