The Joys of a Convection Steam Oven (or A Tale of Two Ovens)

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The Joys of a Convection Steam Oven (or A Tale of Two Ovens)

Wolf Convection Steam Oven

Wolf Convection Steam Oven, (photo from

I was designing a kitchen remodel for a client who really wanted two ovens, but wasn’t sure she should proceed if the second oven only saw occasional holiday use.  I suggested a convection steam oven as a way to gain a second oven for special meals, while providing increased healthy cooking options for everyday use.

My favorite Wolf appliance representative offered to do a cook-off for us; he prepared two identical gourmet meals, one using a traditional oven and one using a steam oven.  The results were undeniable: the roast chicken skin was crispier, and the meat, veggies and even brownies were moister when prepared in the steam oven. My client informs me that the convention steam oven is now her preferred oven, and she only fires up her traditional electric oven for extra large quantities of food.  She also likes that the smaller convection oven pre-heats faster and uses less energy than her larger oven.

Steam ovens infuse the cooking space with continuous steam, which prevents food from drying out or overcooking.  This moist cooking method does not require oil or butter, so food can be prepared with less fat.  Functionality can vary by manufacturer, but the Wolf oven also has a traditional convection setting, a combined steam and convection mode, and other features.  The oven can also seal on a humid mode, so that excess moisture from meatloaf and baked goods remains in the oven.  Dried out muffins and tough poultry are no longer an oven by-product!

What you can experience with a steam oven:

  1. Cook healthy meals, since steam cooking retains more nutrients and requires no oil or fats.
  2. Preheat amazingly fast; instantaneously for steam cooking mode.
  3. No water bath needed for custards.
  4. No extra pan of water required when you bake bread; crusts come out beautifully browned.
  5. Sterilize canning jars and baby bottles.
  6. “Keep warm” setting will not dry out cooked food.
  7. Reheat leftovers quickly without drying out.
  8. Bake breads with perfectly browned crusts.
  9. Use less energy than a full-sized oven.

I’ll post some steam oven recipes in a future post.


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