Tubs in a Master Bath?

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Project Description

Studies have found that only 1 in 10 take a bath on a monthly basis and only 1 in 15 actually use a bath tub weekly. So, if you or your partner don’t take baths, and there is a functional bathtub in another room, there is no reason to incorporate one in your renovation.

Our clients are not bathers, they do, however, enjoy the shower. Their existing shower was long and narrow (45” x 32”) and not well designed. Our goal was to create a luxurious room with a larger shower, more natural light and well defined storage.

Pivoting the toilet created a spacious shower with 2 shower heads, comfortable benches, and niches for shower products. Moving the vanity to the location of the original tub and adding the 5’0” wide transom window increased natural light to the shower as well as the entire bathroom. Narrow mirrors were suspended in front of the window.

Storage at the vanity includes: stainless steel containers for hair appliances, hampers, recycling and trash bins. Electrical outlets inside tall cabinets allow rechargeable appliances to be stored out of sight. We added a custom tall cabinet for the master bed linens, blankets and a drying rack for lingerie. We created a niche in the toilet room for paper storage.

Adding niches (lit with LED tape) in the hall between the bedroom and bathroom created a place for art. All the lighting in the bathroom is LED and in-floor heating was installed under the tile. A point-of-use hot water heater, dual flush toilet and high efficiency shower heads were installed to reduce water use.