Rose City Renovation Part 1: Design Challenge

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Rose City Renovation Part 1: Design Challenge

The Rose City Renovation project began as a run on sentence. There was no punctuation, no space left to see any one design element in particular. Wooden cabinets were everywhere and it was just a bit too “blah”. The prominent colors were brown and white. But the family who lives in the Rose City kitchen is anything but! The clients are the owners of the amazing annual event, Rose City Comic Con. So, a boring brown and white kitchen that flowed into a plain family room was not going to do for them.

The clients were also practical. They have an active lifestyle with kids and a French bulldog named Winston. They wanted a remodel that would work and evolve with their lives. They wanted a functional kitchen and a usable space for a family of five—a place where they could invite their friends, host parties, and have homework groups.

Redesigning A Kitchen With Bold Colors

Robin loved working with these clients because they were not afraid of color. They had a beautiful, old fireplace in the family room that they did not want to replace, and this became the inspiration for the color pallette for the remodel. One thing there was no shortage of in this house was access to good art. But the clients were having a hard time committing to one focal piece for their kitchen. Robin knew she would need to find a design solution that would take into consideration all their needs and wants.

Working Through Design Challenges

Every project has its own set of challenges and complications. And with this one it was no different. As soon as Robin and her crew cut into the walls they found unexpected plumbing they would have to work around. When designing the island, the hood vent needed to go in a specific location, but there turned out to be bathroom plumbing above it that could not be moved. So the design style needed to be shifted and the location of the cooktop island was moved to make it work. Renovation is about working through the problems that arise as you go.

The existing design had the cabinets going to the ceiling, but due to existing site conditions, modified soffits had to retain. Through a long collaborative meeting with the contractor and cabinet maker – a solution to lower the cabinets, while retaining the orange accent became possible.

Design Philosophy

Good design is about overcoming challenges, building relationships and creating a functional and beautiful home for her clients. are Robin’s top priorities when taking on a new project.

Stay tuned for the next post, Rose City Renovation: Design Solutions!

March 19th, 2018|RRF Design in Progress|