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Rose City Renovation Part 2: Design Solutions

If you haven’t, check out our first post about the Rose City Renovation, here. The Rose City Renovation used to be a run on sentence, but now it has punctuation. There is space to stop and take in the design. It isn’t overcrowded, and it has an incredible use of bold color and unique furniture pieces.

White Paint in The Kitchen?!

This is one of the first kitchens that Robin has done where the decision has been made to use all white wall paint. Why use white paint when you can use a color? But for the Rose City Renovation, it just works. It complements the cabinets, and gives the kitchen a light and airy feel.

The cabinets are an incredible burnt orange with a medium stained rift white oak. The base cabinets – the cabinets that take the majority of the abuse in a kitchen are textured grey laminate. Laminate cabinets are durable and easy to maintain, which is great for people who have a busy and active family.

finished kitchen remodel

The open shelves near the sink were chosen at the last moment to help accentuate the idea of space as well as open up the wall area.

The owners are fun artists who aren’t afraid of color or interesting furniture. Robin was really able to work with these clients to find the perfect choices for their home. The orange and blue colors work seamlessly with the dark grey accent wall. And it is all tied together nicely by the white walls, giving everything a fun, whimsical design that is not overstated.

Design Highlights

A few particular fun pieces in the Rose City Renovation include the monkey light, the custom geometric light from the Italian company, Seletti and a 54-inch in diameter ottoman! The ottoman is perfect for parties, the kids to use, and is great for game nights. And remember in The Design Challenge we mentioned the client’s hesitation on committing to a permanent piece of art? Well, Robin put in a full chalkboard on the kitchen wall, so that they can leave notes, draw pictures, and whenever guests come to their home they can leave their calling card. There is always original, amazing, and ever-changing art in this house.

Custom Design Elements

The furniture pieces are made from Classic Interior Concepts, a custom furniture maker in Milwaukee, Oregon. The pieces are classic yet contemporary, like the modern take on a wing-back. The rug is a custom piece by Flor, which uses high-durability, recycled pieces that are easy to clean.

Another element of the house that was tailored to meet the client’s needs were the small heavy-duty pocket doors. There is a happy bulldog in this home, and this way they are still able to check on Winston, but keep him in a contained area while guest enter or leave the home. When people enter they are able to place their purse and keys on the message center. Overall, this home has completely increased its style and functionality, and the clients love it!

Keep an eye out for our next featured home!

April 7th, 2018|RRF Design in Progress|