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Mary Culbertson

Mary Culbertson

Please join me in congratulating Mary Culbertson on becoming an Associate Kitchen and Bath Designer (AKBD).   This achievement involved hard work, study, and lots of spicy food (mostly Thai).

Mary joined me just over a year ago and is ridiculously talented.  She has a fantastic eye for design and our clients have been benefiting from having the perspective of two designers.  I asked Mary to answer some interesting questions so you can all learn more about the person behind this amazing design mind.  (I even learned some things I didn’t know about her!)

Mary had to check out this limestone tub at a trade show.

Mary had to check out this limestone tub at a trade show.

RRF:  What brought you to the design field?

MC:    I left photography several years ago to study design.  Like photography, design is both an art and a science.  It’s an art form that lets me be creative, yet I have to use precision to execute plans.  I like the fact that there are rules and specific methods to be followed once the creative idea is generated.

RRF:  What are your three “must haves”?

MC:   Order, art, and coffee.  These are not necessarily listed in order of priority!

RRF:  What is your favorite part of your job?

Mary liked this artwork at Caesar's Palace (Las Vegas trade show, 2015)

Mary liked this artwork at Caesar’s Palace (Las Vegas trade show, 2015)

MC:  I love the creative freedom, and I get incredible satisfaction from creating a functional, well-designed, beautiful space for our clients to live within.  It’s like creating art for people to surround themselves with daily.

RRF:  If you could invite any three people to an intimate dinner party, who would you choose?

MC:   Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., Ray Bradbury, and Henri Cartier Bresson.  These would be three separate dinners!  I believe great conversations would come about, inspiration would abound, and clarity would come to the surface.  These are three individuals who have inspired me, intrigued me, and influenced me greatly.  I’d love the opportunity to shake their hands and share a table with them.


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