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Tile Trends at Cevisama – International Trade Fair

RRF Design just returned from a whirwind trip to Valencia, Spain with Tile of Spain, USA. The main focus of our trip was 3 days at Cevisama – Tile of Spain’s main show.

The show was amazing and high energy. Here are a few trends that we will be seeing soon in the States:

Trend 1 – Multiple Sizes

When I say “multiple sizes”, I mean “multiple sizes”. Everything from 2” x 2” mosaics to 45” x 90” planks. See the following image from Peronda Group.

Trend 2: Passage of Time

The worn-aged look has always been around, now the mark of architectural history is represented not only in “stone lookalikes” but in the influence of aged metal. See the following Foundry Series, by Saloni and Tempo by Natucer.

Trend 3 – 3D texturing

Tile designers have created a new process for giving more life to porcelain through the integration of 3-D printing. This is a multi-step process where the tile is initially pressed with a pattern, then additional depth is added through 3-D printing. The results are a depth and tactile aesthetic that will blow your mind!

Trend 4 – Creating Depth with Glaze

One of the most fun trends we saw at Cevisama was multiple firings using different glazes to create depth. By using glazes at different firing temperatures, manufactures are able to create depth and even add metallic accents. See these from Apavisa – Natura Collection.

Our trip also included architectural tours of Valencia and Mallorca, and Tile and Porcelain fabricators!  More info coming.

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